Raise the alarm for good food and good farming! Join us!


In 2018, we have initiated European Days of Action in 19 European countries, have been supported by more then 80 civil society organizations and over 100,000 Europeans. This year, we would like to see even more people and organisations joining the Days of Action!

Help us spread the word with our call to action! Let us know your plans in the form below. And use our protest postcards to add your demands to the bulk of postcards we will hand over to MEPs in October. Find out more here.

Get Active!

Organize an event in the action month from 1st to 31st of October 2019 in your city, community, or capital. It can be small or big, just be creative and powerful to mobilise consumers, farmers, food producers and many more! Together we will make politicians listen to our demands and visions for Good Food Good Farming!

Fill in the form (in English) and let us know about your plans for the Action Days. We will include them on the map and get back to you with further information and materials.

Timeline 2019

  • June: newly elected MEPs form political groups, European Council proposes candidate for European Commission president and agrees its ‘Strategic Agenda for the EU’.
  • June 27 Welcome call “How to get involved?”
  • July 2-4: 1st plenary week in EP after elections: election of EP president, formation of number and composition of the EP’s standing committees
  • July 15-18: 2nd plenary week: vote on the future President of the European Commission
  • Sep. 10: Announcing Commissioners-designate and portfolios to EP
  • Sep. 11: Webinar “Online- and offline campaigning”
  • Sep. 16: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
  • Sep. 16-19: 2nd plenary week EP
  • Sep. 30-Oct. 4: Hearings of the Commissioners-designate in parliamentary committees
  • Oct. 1-31: European days of action Good Food Good Farming
  • Oct. 14/15: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
  • Oct. 16: World Food Day
  • Oct. 21-24: EP plenary votes College of Commissioners
  • Oct. 22: Culminating action at EP in Strasbourg
  • Nov. 1: New European Commission takes office
  • Nov. 6: Online web meeting “Vision of a Common Food Policy”
  • Nov. 18: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
  • Dec. 1: New European Council President expected to start mandate
  • Dec. 16/17: Agriculture and Fisheries Council
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